Seeking Sponsors

Seeking Sponsors 2017 (Click for PDF)

We are looking for corporate and business sponsors who want to share in the excitement.  Your organization will benefit from your involvement in a variety of ways. Read on to determine which method of sponsorship fits you best. This is your chance to influence a growing population of Makers and Innovators. Expose this community of Makers to the innovative and creative side of your company or business by leaving a lasting memory. The old adage holds true here, “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.

Sponsoring Designations

Goldsmith (10,000 RMB)

Logo on t-shirt and larger logo size, name on banner behind main stage, choice of having a booth at the faire, your logo is on every page of the website, name in program and flyer.

Silversmith (5,000 RMB)

Smaller logo on media, workshop brought to you by (company name), name on sponsor page of website, name in program and flyer.

Coppersmith (2,500 RMB)

Logo on website, name in program and flyer.


Do you have another idea of sponsoring?

Partnering can be a combination of money donations or the material equivalent! Please contact us if you have another way you would like to help sponsor our Maker Community!