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Background and Resource Help for Jinqiao Mini Maker Prospective Youth Makers!

 “We get asked this question all the time. Implicit is usually a hint of “I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?” The superficial answer seems absurd. “Making is the act of creating something.” It’s been around forever. It’s not new. And yet I’m excited about it. There’s a movement about it. There’s talk of it changing the world.”- Travis Good from

 “The kind of change we seek in education is part of the change that we are seeing all around us, the kind of change we seek in ourselves. If those interactions with the world we live in inform and inspire us to create, then we are makers.” – Dale Dougherty – Founder of Maker Media

Film Story about the Maker Movement

“We Are Makers tells the story of the Maker Movement. It’s the story not of tools but of people. A publisher. An entrepreneur. A design professor. A middle school teacher. Two museum educators. And a creative director. Each provides an important viewpoint on why new technologies and communities of making are bringing us back to something deeply human.”

Colleges are looking at student makers

So I’m a Maker! Where Can I Get Started?

Maker Resources: Packed full of sites and ideas.

Class Pack Prep Materials – Are you thinking about bringing your class?

3D Print of your head!

DIY Projects

Make Projects

Make: Kids and Family Fun

Electronics and Micro Controllers

Tinkering Studio Projects

and project blog

Instructables (All Kinds of Projects) Check out 21 Projects

 PBS Kids Design Squad

 The Crafty Cow – A children’s craft collective

 Hands-on As We Go – Crafts

Science Guy – tutorials and videos for rockets, airplanes, gliders, and cars made with items found around the house.

Toys From Trash Toys has extensive photo and video tutorials for science and math experiments, and crafts, toys and games to make.

More projects from Instructables – find  how-tos for marshmallow shooters, tiny robots, crafts, origami, animation, and more.

 Enchanted Learning is a great source for craft inspiration for younger children, utilizing materials like cardboard, paint, string, and glue. Crafts are broken down by holidays and themes, as well as by material making it easy to find appropriate projects.

 A science museum in San Francisco, CA, offers instructions on its website for “Science Snacks”; simple DIY versions of many of the exhibits you’ll find at the museum.

and “Science Snacks” has a ton of science activities, games and experiments for all grades, from preschool through high school, as well as ideas for science fair projects.

 Film Festival Five Minute Ideas

 Teach Thought – 24 Maker Education Sites and Resources (some repeated)

 Getting Smart – Maker Resources

Maker Program Design Site – Setting up programs, clubs, etc.